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        Professional research and development of high-speed precision cam splitter more than years

        Zhucheng Honepan Automatic Machinery Plant

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        President unit of cam splitter Association

        In 2007, Zhucheng Honepan Automatic Machinery Plant took the lead in the domestic research, development and manufacturing of high-speed precision cam dividers. The company occupies an area of 52 acres, including 22,000 square meters of production workshop, 5,000 square meters of office, and 3,000 square meters of living. 

        • 20year

          Corporate history

        • 52mu

          area covered

        • 30term

          Product patent

        • 20000

          Customer choice

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        HONE PAN

        High indexing accuracy
        High indexing accuracy
        High speed performance
        High speed performance
        Smooth operation
        Smooth operation
        Large transfer torque
        Large transfer torque
        Positioning self-locking
        Positioning self-locking
        精密凸輪分割器 產品特點
        • Production equipment
          Production equipment

          Honepan is the first enterprise in China to solve the problem of cam grinding. The company has introduced world-class CNC processing equipment to ensure the characteristics of the cam curve, so that the cam curve play to the extreme, the cam 360 degrees "no gap" rotation.

          Zhucheng Honepan Automatic Machinery Plant
        • Cam grinding
        • guarantee

          Focusing on cam splitter for more than 20 years, 52 acres of modern factory, standardized production, the industry took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system certification, with more than 30 product patents, belonging to high-tech enterprises.

        • Shell machining, one of the core components

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        HONE PAN

        No innovation, no tomorrow
        No quality, no market

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        HONE PAN

        If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us

        Domestic Business Department

        Landline: +86-536-632 9588 \ 632 9688

        National free consultation hotline: +86-400-990-3588

        Fax: +86-536-632 9789

        Email: hongbangjixie@163.com

        Address: No. 8, Hongbang Road, West Industrial Park, Huanghua Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China

        International Business Department

        Landline: +86-536-652 6088 \ 653 6088

        Mobile: +86 178 6569 3788

        Fax: +86-536-632 9789

        Email: neil@hongbangjixie.com

        Address: Rm 811, Downing International, No.13129 Yingqian St. Weifang, Shandong, China